2017-2018 CYHA Travel Teams

The CYHA Travel Selection Committee would like to thank all the players who tried out for the 2017-2018 travel teams. There were some very difficult decisions that were required.

A reminder that all those selected for the travel teams are expected to sign up for the WG Summer Hockey camp.





Alfieri, Luke


Bergan, Liam


Bergan, Michael

Ball, Christian

Burns, Liam


Carino, Joey

Beck, Luke

Carolin, Alexander


Collier, Riley

Berg, Carson

Collier, Dillon


Cull, Gabe

Cull, Wyatt

Considine, Ryan


Desena, Dylan

Oudemool, Nash

Desena, Jesse


Felix, Anthony

Pensabene, Jack

Espinoza, Christian


Giannuzzi, Jack

Pensabene, Jake

Evanchak, Kyle


Gruninger, John

Schneid, William

Hard, Michael


Kemp, Ryan

Shoults, Jonathan

Jaeger, Jared


Keyes, Jeremy

Vetter, Michael

Lape, Carter


Kopek, Jeb

Wells, Bryce

Lowther, Sean


Linton, Patrick

Zoanetti, Evan

Oudemool, Scout


Mellen, Jack

Petrus, David


Misciagna, Christian

Walker, Maxwell


Mullane, Peyton

Wells, Isabelle


Myers, David

Zoanetti, Owen


Oudemool, River


Quinn, Patrick


Snyder, Joey